Based on open source and independently verified cryptography to ensure your calls and message are kept strictly private, Privus’s first commercial version of its communications solution, the SecurLine app for smartphones, has been a recognized success.

We at Privus, however, have only one objective – to strive for your right to privacy by developing the very best solutions available. We have been working hard to improve SecurLine, and version 2.0 for Android and iOS is ready to roll–out this weekend.

Now dressed in Privus blue, SecurLine 2.0 will build on its predecessor’s recognized ability to protect your communications. The new app introduces additional and improved security measures, such as biometric authentication, that reinforce the privacy of your data, while still easy to use and now more intuitive. We like it and hope you will too.

We will be publishing a full press release on Thursday, the 28th of July, the official, worldwide launch of our new application.

See it here first!


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